105 – Lord on High

We have mentioned a couple of times over the last few episodes a Supreme God of the pantheon but haven’t gone in depth into who this entity is. We change that this episode as we talk about exactly who this Supreme God is and what he’s all about!

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103 – Tāne and the Bois

In this episode we start our discussion on Māori religion! I realise this may be a slightly contentious subjuct so the first half is giving some disclaimers and historical context and the second half is cracking into Māori creation story and the main atua therein.

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100 – Bulls**t! A Gameshow with Guests

We made it! Triple digits! To celebrate this amazing occasion I got some of my podcast friends to come on and play a little history themed gameshow with me! Based on the CollegeHumour game Um, Actually? (which I have renamed Bulls**t!), I give the players a NZ history related statement that has something false about and they have to guess what it is. Obviously this is just for fun and not a normal, informative episode so I hope you have a good laugh!

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98 – Tāwhaki the Bold

We tell the story of Tāwhaki, a fairly famous demi-god like figure in Te Ao Māori. In this episode we have two stories. In the first he gets mugged and then does a Noah in retaliation and in the second he goes searching for his parents and murders a bunch of fish in the process.

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