96 – The Six O’Clock Swill

Today we talk about what has probably had the biggest impact on Aotearoa’s drinking culture, the (sometimes) legally enforced six o’clock closing time for pubs that went from 1918-1967. However you may know it by its more colloquial name that came about due to the rush of drinking it encouraged for those who finished work at 5pm, the six o’clock swill.

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86: Speights – Prologue

I’m very excited to share with you the first in a series of nine episodes on the history of one of Dunedin’s most well known beer brands, Speight’s! This episode we will be giving you some background knowledge of how beer is made and a quick overview of the Kiwi beer industry up until the 1870s.

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84 – Kia Mau

For our last episode on haka we talk all about the most famous haka, Ka mate. Detailing the life of its creator, one of Māoridom’s greatest military leaders, Te Rauparaha of Ngāti Toa.

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