24 – Bob Part 2: The Machine

The second part of our collaboration with the Happy Hour History Podcast, talking about Bob Semple!

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Bob Semple (left) next to the Bob Semple Tank. From Tanks Encyclopedia.
Bob Semple Tank meme, 1941. From Tanks Encyclopedia.


4 thoughts on “24 – Bob Part 2: The Machine

  1. Does anybody else get a deformed dalek vibe from the Semple tank? Also I am not worried that it failed the “ can a close range sniper shoot through the gun ports” test. Cause I’d be machine gunning the fuck out of any sniper at close range. Super easy to hit. I imagine. Finally is anyone else worried about the mattress fire hazard on the engine ….


      1. There are few mistakes made here. The Semple had 8mm of armor steel imported from the US. As well as 12.7mm or half inch of manganese-steel in a corrugated form.


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