30 – The Māori Quill

For our first episode of the decade we begin our look at tā moko, Māori tattooing! The story of how the practice came from the underworld, the tools used and how the ink was made!

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An uhi chisel
Āwheto or vege caterpillar used to make ink

7 thoughts on “30 – The Māori Quill

  1. So very interesting! I’m making my husband listen to this immediately (after having paraphrased the whole episode to him because I couldn’t wait). His family is from Hawaii, of native Hawaiian and other heritage. So that on top of us having just moved to NZ from the states makes the podcast and this episode in particular extremely interesting. Thank you for the good work!


  2. Firstly, I love the show. I’m a little behind on the series but as tauiwi, I am learning a lot. In this episode, you mention a YouTube channel, but you don’t reference it? I’m sure I’ll find it as I journey through this series. You seem like a humble guy but please plug away, that’s how people will find you on multiple platforms.
    Thanks again 🙂


    1. Kia ora, glad to hear you are enjoying it and hopefully learning some new stuff! There is a Youtube channel for the podcast, its mostly just the audio of the episodes but there are a few random other things on there too. There will be a video on Māori board games going up this weekend!


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