50 – Kūmara Comes from the Freezer!

Today we talk about a bit of a random mix of things, from specifc plants to climate change and the linguistics of naming plants and animals!

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2 thoughts on “50 – Kūmara Comes from the Freezer!

  1. Bro loving your podcast. In your most recent one I think you were unsure how people pollinate one of the tubulars/gourds you were talking about, I recently watched a YouTube video on Life on Palmerston Island, part of the Cook Islands, and it had this you boy named Henry showing the YouTubers visiting how to pollinate a cucumber flower. There are no bees on the island so its possible that Maori self pollinated plants in the same way Henry does. Its about 3 minutes in. If I’m wrong bro all good. Keep pumping these podcasts out bro I look forward to listening to them heaps.



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